Equine First Aid Training - "For the Life of the Horse"

Welcome to Equine Wellness Education!  

It's not IF you will need this, but WHEN! When minutes count, you need to make the most of every second!

Having the basic first aid skills can make a huge difference when an accident occurs. Equine First Aid is the first available treatment available to a horse before a veterinarian can attend to the animal. Prompt emergency treatment can preserve the horse's life, alleviate suffering, aid in the Veterinarian's efforts and promote recovery. Having the advanced first aid builds upon the basic equine emergency first aid course and is especially designed for out on the trail or in remote areas.

Insurance:Those who obtain their equine first aid certification through Equi-Health Canada are eligible for insurance discounts through Intercity/Capri Insurance on equine related policies! Past participants: you can contact us directly for the information on who to contact and how to get your discount right away!

Equine Canada Coaches - you are eligible for Professional Development credits by taking our course(s).

Vet. Techs - contact us about how you can receive continuing education credit for completion of this full-day certification course.

ADVANCED Equine First Aid Course now available! Contact us to book your advanced course. Basic equine first aid is a prerequisite for the advanced course. 
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