Equine First Aid Training - "For the Life of the Horse"

Advanced, Remote & Wilderness 
Equine First Aid Course                                             

*WARNING: Graphic images ahead! The following images depict real life scenarios that will be covered in the Advanced, Remote and Wilderness First Aid Course. If you are offended by such things, this is not the course for you. 

Do you know which plants are poisonous to your horse? Could you splint your horse's leg if necessary? Would you know how to sling a horse to pull him out of mud, water, sinkholes, or worse?
Do you know what to do when poor weather or natural disasters occur? Interested in learning all of that and much more?

Equine Wellness Education is proud to offer the Advanced, Remote and Wilderness First Aid Course certified through Equi-Health Canada/Equi-First Aid USA. 

This is a one-day hands-on course for the equine adventurer who wants to take their riding and equine emergency first aid knowledge to the next level. 

*Please Note: This course will be dealing with extreme and graphic situations. Basic first aid course is a prerequisite. 

All participants will receive a certificate of completion and full colour advanced emergency manual. 

If you are interested in hosting the Basic and/or Advanced Equine First Aid courses, inquire as to how hosts earn their spot for free. Cost is only $199 per participant. 

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