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Cold Laser Therapy 

(for horse, human, dog or cat):

Cold Laser Therapy is a safe, painless and effective way to promote pain relief, increase blood flow, as well as reduce scar tissue and swelling. It can also help with current or old wounds. Equine laser therapy harnesses three distinct light wavelengths to promote healing and cell regeneration for your horse: Red, Infrared and Violet.

Do you experience insomnia, pain, inflammation or scarring? Are you looking for relief and healing for you, your horse, dog or cat? Is there an old injury resulting in chronic pain or stiffness?  Are you looking to assist recovery following surgery? Consider a cold laser treatment. After personally feeling an overall improvement, Desiree began to research and use the cold laser on horses, dogs and cats. Animals are the best patients, as they do not lie. With some animals there is an instant and noticeable change, depending on what is being treated.

In the pictures below you can see the laser being used on a gelding who had a shoulder injury. He was dealing with scar tissue and lameness, where veterinarians had determined that no medical option was available. He was treated with alternative therapy and from which he has fully recovered. Cold Laser therapy also assists with relaxation and is helpful in many situations, such as horses who are on stall rest. It is easy to see how relaxed he is. His owner noted things about his relaxation (such as his lip quivering) that wasn't common for this particular horse.

Desiree uses Scalar Wave Lasers, along with three probes for maintenance work or for targeted areas. These probes use different levels of light wavelengths to target issues. The red probe works on a surface level targeting skin, scar tissue, hair regrowth  and nerve damage. The silver probe works on a deeper level targeting bones, tendons, ligaments and internal organs. The pink probe targets on an emotional level to assist in stress relief and is great for horses that have dealt with stressful situations or trauma.

If you are interested in learning more about cold laser therapy or would like to have a treatment for yourself or for your four-legged family, select the contact us button or send an email. Desiree and team would enjoy sharing the benefits of this alternative method of equine therapy with you. For more information contact equinewellnesseducation@hotmail.com 

Cold laser therapy is a wonderful treatment option and is helping to improve our lives, our four-leggeds and the lives of our clients and their animals. We are also dealers for Quantum Wave Lasers, if you would like to know how to make cold laser therapy a regular part of your life.

Pictured Left & Below: An older TB gelding who was a rescue. Had emotional issues, difficulty relaxing and was recovering from old injuries. Rider and others from same barn noted that they have never seen him relax or stand still. (The body needs to relax to assist in the healing process).

Fee is $80 + mileage (if outside of Saskatoon or Prince Albert) for the first treatment; $60 + mileage (if outside of Saskatoon or Prince Albert) for follow-up. Mileage can be shared by those in the same location.

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