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Earlier this year the world lost a beautiful young lady and gifted rider by the name of Sydney Ellis. Her family and friends continue to feel her absence and miss the light that she was. They have created a bursary in her name at the University of Saskatchewan. They have also continued to use their heartache to educate others on the realities of texting while driving, so that other families will not have to feel that sorrow and brokenness. Her beautiful life was taken away and has forever changed their lives. So please think of Sydney and her family when reaching for your phone while driving, so that we can all continue to live #4Syd! 

I feel blessed to have known this amazing person, who grew from a tough little cookie into a beautiful talented young lady leaving this earth far too soon! It is my pleasure to be able to instruct an equine first aid course in Alberta, coordinated with her mom Tami, with a donation from this course being made to the Sydney Ellis "True Grit" Bursary for Excellence in Equine Medicine. If you would like to attend this course, please feel free to email me at 

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